Travel with experienced professionals and enjoy a voyage of gastronomy to France!


Join Walnut Hill College’s President, Daniel Liberatoscioli, and its Director of High School Ambassadorship, Joanna Smyth Lupo, on a week-long gastronomic voyage to Paris, Champagne, and Burgundy. President Liberatoscioli created this tour for his students in 1986, making The Restaurant School the only college in the United States to offer such an experience that was and still is included in the tuition. Nearly 6,000 students have traveled with us to France, creating a lifetime of memories and career-enhancing experiences.



Georges Perrier has been called the greatest chef in the United States and is considered one of the best in the world. He led his eponymous restaurant, Le Bec Fin, for 42 years, putting Philadelphia at the center of the world’s culinary map. He has served heads of state and celebrities who flocked to Le Bec Fin from around the world.

Esther McManus is a culinary genius. Her passionate and engaging style has earned her awards as one of the best in her field. When Julia Child decided to write a tome on baking, it was Esther McManus who was summoned.

These two culinary masters will present France and its gastronomy and wines during this very special week!


For the lucky few who have the opportunity to join us, get ready to eat…and taste, and sip, and marvel at a culture that has embraced gastronomy and hospitality as a true art form! You will meet chefs, food artisans, farmers, winemakers and the real French, who are proud and delighted to share their passion with you.


This very special, educational vacation is for the avid food and wine lover. Gastronomy is our main focus. You will experience firsthand exactly what our students enjoy. The vineyards, farms, and restaurants of France will become your classroom!

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Gastronomic Tour of France

Travel in style: Our deluxe motor coach will take us through the bucolic vineyards of Champagne, the picturesque villages of Burgundy and the City of Lights, Paris!
Start your day with a steaming Café au Lait and crisp, buttery croissants. Each day will bring new adventures!
You will be up close and personal with chefs, farmers, food artisans and the real French, who are full of passion. There is no better way to learn than from these experts, who will welcome you, in many cases, to their family homes and farms.
We'll visit the beautiful city of Reims for an afternoon of free time, shopping, and sightseeing.
You will not want to miss the magnificent Cathedral of Reims, built over 800 years ago and the site of the coronation of all the kings of France!
It’s now time for a little shopping, just like the French do – at a "hyper marche," a fascinating supermarket to ogle and perhaps purchase food and wine specialties at great prices.
Dinner tonight is with Chef Bernard Ocio at La Cave a Champagne in Epernay. We will enjoy classic French cuisine literally steeped in champagne. This lively evening includes a surprise!
We stop in the city of Troyes, the southern-most city in the Champagne region for sightseeing, shopping and lunch. Our motor coach then brings us into breathtaking Burgundy. There might be a sip and nibble while we drive through the tiny villages!
We arrive in the medieval town of Beaune, world renowned for wine. We will enjoy a tour and tasting of fantastic red and white burgundies at Bouchard winery.
Dinner will bring us to Le Carmin for traditional Burgundian flavors presented in a modern style.
The next day, we'll take a tour of Vedrenne Cassis outside of the tiny village of Nuits-St.Georges. You will learn how Cassis, the black currant liqueur, is made.
You will also hear about the aging of the famous brandies of Burgundy: Marc and Fine. Of course, there will be a tasting. Wait until you smell the liqueurs and brandies. They are almost like perfumes!
We then visit the famous Chateau de Clos du Vougeot. This former monastery is now a museum, with huge wine presses that were hand carved by monks in the 12th and 15th centuries. This is one of our students’ favorite visits.
Now on to the classic Burgundian town of Dijon for an afternoon of free time, shopping and sightseeing.
Tonight’s dinner is truly fun. We are hosted by Chef Philippe Santailler at La Cremaillere, a casual restaurant in the tiny village of Auxey-Duress.
We will enjoy some great wines, and the best news is that the winemaker, Michel Prunier, will be our co-host, leading us through the tasting. This lively evening is video worthy!
The next day, our first stop is to the home and farm of the Lapree family. Wait until you taste their foie gras, with a glass of wine in your hand, overlooking the farmlands of Mont St. Jean. The experience is a gastronomic poem!
We then visit the town of Auxerre with its many Tudor-style buildings and colorful roof tiles. You will love this charming town for its boutiques and cafés.
We then travel to the countryside again to visit the home and farm of the Gillot family, artisan cheesemakers.
Tonight we dine at Le Bourgogne with cuisine created by Chef Eric Gallet. He and his team will present the best of Burgundy on your plates and in your wine glasses.
Get some rest tonight because tomorrow you are going to Paris!
We start our day in the Les Halles area with a quick stop to Dehillerin, one of the oldest cookware shops in Paris.
Your choices are endless: renowned museums, sightseeing, grand department stores, fashion boutiques, food emporiums, cafés, and restaurants.
Paris is a city of neighborhoods called "arrondissments." Take your time to discover one or two. We will rendezvous at the Eiffel Tower later that evening.
This voyage promises to be a lifetime of memories and inspiration. For the fortunate few who will see France though the eyes of Chefs Georges Perrier and Esther McManus, you will have a newfound passion for the culture, gastronomy, and hospitality of a country that has elevated those experiences to true art!

What’s included?

The tour includes deluxe motor coach services while in France, amenities on the coach, hotels for six nights, breakfast each day at the hotel, special dinners for five of the nights, tours, and tastings!

Special discounted price is $2,295 per person. Single supplement is $400.

*The tour does not include round-trip airfare.
Additionally, lunches and personal expenses are not included.

Our tour starts on Monday, July 3 at Charles De Gaulle Roissy Airport in the afternoon. The tour ends on Sunday, July 9 in the evening with a drop off at Charles De Gaulle Roissy Airport. Please see the full itinerary here [PDF] for additional details. 

Please note: Norwegian Airlines now flies from JFK directly to Paris with very special rates. Currently, the rates are only $611 per person, which is an amazing price! You certainly have the option to extend your trip before or after our travel dates. 

Bon Voyage!

We can’t wait to have you join us for what will surely be an amazing journey to France filled with food, wine, and fun experiences. For more details, please fill out the form below.

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